A better picture 0

This first picture is one with the shroud removed. It more or less fell off due to disrepair. I will need to repair the plastic that fixes it to the top of the cabinet. This next picture I included to demonstrate how much RUST is on the cabinet. This is one of the speaker grills.

Tunnel Hunt speaker grill

Tunnel Hunt

Photo 0

I know it’s a photo of a packed in cab, but it’s the only one I have so far. Currently boots to garbage. When I pulled the AR/II R30 was burned. I swapped the AR/II with the one from Centipede. I also fixed the burn on the edge connector because R30 burned up. Then I [...]

It’s dead, Jim. 0

Pulled the monitor out of Donkey Kong 3 to see what this would do. The answer is “absolutely nothing.” I even pulled the board out to see if it would work in Donkey Kong 3 (maybe something was wrong with the cab?) but alas, the answer was no.


Sooner or later it’ll actually be finished 0

The Golden Tee ’98 PCB has been mounted to the side of the cabinet. Had to get a bit creative with how the wiring was guided around the cabinet, but it works and is clean. Rigged up a proper trackball harness, that works now. It was rolling REALLY roughly, so I disassembled it. Surprise surprise, [...]

My workbench area

Pictures of the shop 0

Finally remembered to grab my camera on the way to the shop one day. And another shot from the other side. Workbench area. It’s a work in constant progress.

Filthy! 0

Like all the other cabinets that I bought in that bulk buy, this is also full of mouse nests. Also the time it spent in that horrible storage area has made it a bit moldy. I stripped it down to the bare wood, sanded down the insides and vacuumed. The circuit board cage and power [...]

Cleanup on aisle four… 0

I forgot to share this story: when I installed the work bench in my shop it was only being supported on three of it’s six legs: both back legs on each end and the front middle one. For what I was using it for it was just fine as it more or less stood like [...]

Warehouse Raid 0

Over the last couple months I’ve been reading about many “warehouse raids” where guys go to ops warehouses and buy a lot of their old equipment. Usually I hear about then after they’ve happened. Yesterday was an exception. I took the boys and we went down to West Springfield, MA and I got to poke [...]

Starting to do some work. Finally. 0

I popped the EZ I used in D2K in this just to see if it works. With some tweaking it finally came up perfectly. I tried playing a game but couldn’t spray. An investigation turned up a broken switch holder on the spray button. Of course, Nintendo used special holders instead of common ones. I’m [...]