I know it’s a photo of a packed in cab, but it’s the only one I have so far.

Tunnel Hunt
Tunnel Hunt

Currently boots to garbage. When I pulled the AR/II R30 was burned. I swapped the AR/II with the one from Centipede. I also fixed the burn on the edge connector because R30 burned up. Then I put the PCB back in and fired it up.

This time…absolutely nothing. What? Then I realize I’ve plugged it in backwards! Oh no! Reverse it…back to booting from garbage, but it’s worse than before. When it was working before it was structured, looked like error codes on screen. Now it’s just nonsense.

Luckily I know a guy nearby (Adam) that can check this out.

I removed the front shroud, and it pretty much fell off. All the mounting wood was pretty much just holding on with sheer willpower (must be it’s own willpower, because I had no clue). Secured it all back down with wood screws, that’s good to go.

The shroud is a different story – the top plastic where it bolts to the top of the cab is completely broken. I think what I’m going to do is get a strip of thick vinyl and glue it in there, reinforcing it. Now I have to find what I’m looking for. The plastic from a DVD case would be perfect, but it’s not long enough. Unless I do it in sections…that could work!

The monitor (a K4900) works flawlessly. Beautiful picture. I wouldn’t even cap it.

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