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So long, farewell… 0

Recent changes in my life have caused me to consider which games are ones that I’ll be able to tackle in a short period, and which games that I can not. Two games left the storage area, today: Tunnel Hunt and Donkey Kong III. I’d always wanted to donate the Tunnel Hunt to ACAM, but [...]

A better picture 0

This first picture is one with the shroud removed. It more or less fell off due to disrepair. I will need to repair the plastic that fixes it to the top of the cabinet. This next picture I included to demonstrate how much RUST is on the cabinet. This is one of the speaker grills.

Tunnel Hunt speaker grill

Photo 0

I know it’s a photo of a packed in cab, but it’s the only one I have so far. Currently boots to garbage. When I pulled the AR/II R30 was burned. I swapped the AR/II with the one from Centipede. I also fixed the burn on the edge connector because R30 burned up. Then I [...]

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