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So long, farewell… 0

Recent changes in my life have caused me to consider which games are ones that I’ll be able to tackle in a short period, and which games that I can not. Two games left the storage area, today: Tunnel Hunt and Donkey Kong III. I’d always wanted to donate the Tunnel Hunt to ACAM, but [...]

Filthy! 0

Like all the other cabinets that I bought in that bulk buy, this is also full of mouse nests. Also the time it spent in that horrible storage area has made it a bit moldy. I stripped it down to the bare wood, sanded down the insides and vacuumed. The circuit board cage and power [...]

Warehouse Raid 0

Over the last couple months I’ve been reading about many “warehouse raids” where guys go to ops warehouses and buy a lot of their old equipment. Usually I hear about then after they’ve happened. Yesterday was an exception. I took the boys and we went down to West Springfield, MA and I got to poke [...]

Starting to do some work. Finally. 0

I popped the EZ I used in D2K in this just to see if it works. With some tweaking it finally came up perfectly. I tried playing a game but couldn’t spray. An investigation turned up a broken switch holder on the spray button. Of course, Nintendo used special holders instead of common ones. I’m [...]