A neighbor of mine has offered me the use of part of his shop! It’s within walking distance of here, and I’ll be able to walk away from work without having to cleaning 100% of it up every time I’m done! I’ve already gotten more done in the last week than I have in a [...]

Battery Backup Now Functional! 0

The original battery backup was not a viable option. The battery holder was completely corroded. Bob Roberts has a page detailing the removal of the old holder and replacing it with a 2032 coin cell battery and holder. I found a dead motherboard with the holder and removed it. Soldered it into place as described, [...]

As promised, pictures of it “finished”. 0

It’s not really finished, but it’s darn close. Reinstalled the coin door and finished the control panel. Sanded the lettering off the control panel bolts and sprayed them with a clear coat. I also rewired the cab since everything was attached to the isolation transformer. While I was doing that I noted that this transformer [...]

Closeup of the new CP on the Q-Bert bootleg

Did anyone order the swiss cheese?

The completed control panel 0

I was finally able to get some time to rout out the parts that needed it. Here’s a picture before I apply the overlay. And after, with the art and joystick installed. And finally, a shot of the original CP. I don’t know why they swiss-cheesed it. Shots of the CP installed on the game [...]

Finally, a chance to shine! 0

I picked this up about a year ago off Craigslist. Advertised only as “Q-Bert” I thought I was getting the Gottlieb classic. As you can see, this is what I found. Their asking price was $25, and though I was disappointed it wasn’t a “real” Q-Bert, I took it anyway. I’d just driven an hour [...]

The replacement Q-Bert CP

A fond farewell… 0

And so I bid adieu to my first (and so far only) cocktail cabinet. Sold less than an hour ago to a couple in Mass.

More control panel work 0

The CP was pretty rusted, and as such was horribly pitted. On any other CP I wouldn’t care so much because the overlay covers blemishes. On Galaxian, however, the CPO only covers a small part of the top. Pits will stick out like a sore thumb. Glazing putty to the rescue! All those pink dots [...]

Two layers of glazing putty, sanded down

Keyboard hack

Never posted a picture of this one either 0

Here’s a couple shots of the inside. It’s a Delhi III motherboard from eMachines, which has an ATI Rage 3D chip for a video processor. It’s running DOS, ArcadeOS as a frontend and a custom compiled Mame .96 to remove a couple of the warnings (like Galaga’s “not quite right” message). IIRC the hard drive [...]

This control panel is /GROSS/. 0

I’ve never had to do this on a CP before, but I’m going to have to fill in the rust pits with Bondo. Most other CPs are completely covered with the CPO so you don’t see any blemishes. Galaxian CPO only covers a small part of the CP. At least it’s getting done! In addition [...]

Galaxian CP before work