Warehouse Raid

Over the last couple months I’ve been reading about many “warehouse raids” where guys go to ops warehouses and buy a lot of their old equipment. Usually I hear about then after they’ve happened.

Yesterday was an exception. I took the boys and we went down to West Springfield, MA and I got to poke around a couple warehouses down there.

There was a TON of old equipment, pretty much stacked this way and that. The op was very interested that I did repair, and I can see myself going down and doing a lot of work for him. I hope this happens.

Picked up a Pac-Man bezel glass (with only half the artwork there, but that’s okay since I just need the glass and not the art), the control panel to a Popeye (better condition than the one I have now!) and the button holder to a Nintendo control panel (which is good because the one I have on the Donkey Kong 3 is broken in two).

I also picked up an orange leaf switch button which I was sure was a Nintendo button, but it wouldn’t fit in the hole on the CP, so it clearly wasn’t. I don’t want to fight with this thing any more, so instead of trying to find one of these fairly uncommon buttons I’m just going to make the hole a bit bigger so the button will fit through. I hate to do it, but at least it’ll be playable again.

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