Like all the other cabinets that I bought in that bulk buy, this is also full of mouse nests. Also the time it spent in that horrible storage area has made it a bit moldy.

I stripped it down to the bare wood, sanded down the insides and vacuumed. The circuit board cage and power block assembly came out. The power supply was disassembled, sanded down (since it was rusty) and given a coat of brass paint. I reassembled it this morning.

The PCB cage top was coated with mouse nests and mouse waste. Disassembled that as well, sanded it down and a “brightening” coat of brass paint was applied.

It doesn’t look brand new, but it looks 500% better than when I started.

I popped the Sanyo EZ out to see if Popeye did…well, anything at all, really. I couldn’t get anything on screen. Then I saw it: a small arc of electricity from the flyback area. I hope it’s only a broken trace, and not a failing fly – they’re expensive.

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