Cleanup on aisle four…

I forgot to share this story: when I installed the work bench in my shop it was only being supported on three of it’s six legs: both back legs on each end and the front middle one. For what I was using it for it was just fine as it more or less stood like a tripod.

I wanted to do some work on Popeye a few days ago, and it sits right next to the workbench. Since the floor is so uneven it was incredibly difficult to pull the game out so I could walk around to the back. So I pulled it forward enough so I would be able to hop up on the bench and jump over to the back of the cabinet.

I had two plastic drawer cabinets that I store parts and capacitors inside sitting on the end. I moved them to the other end, and sat my butt down on the other end of the desk, fully prepared to swing my legs around and over to the back of the cabinet.

That didn’t happen right away…in fact, it didn’t happen for about an hour. As soon as I sat down the whole bench tipped FORWARD since there was nothing supporting that leg. Not far…only a couple inches, but it was enough to tip both of those drawer cabinets forward, and they came crashing down onto the floor.

Several hundred capacitors spilled all over the floor, as well as many many many small parts. Took me a good hour to just pick them up, and it’ll take me many hours yet to sort the capacitors back into their proper drawers. I’m not going to do it all at once, I grab a handful each day and put them away.

I do have the legs supported now though…lesson learned!

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