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Ow. Oops… 0

It took two years to get my boards back. I wasn’t in a hurry. Another six months of holding onto it before putting it back into the cabinet. And approximately two minutes to blow it up. :p I’d converted the board to use a switching power supply. I had not converted the cabinet until today. [...]

More control panel work 0

The CP was pretty rusted, and as such was horribly pitted. On any other CP I wouldn’t care so much because the overlay covers blemishes. On Galaxian, however, the CPO only covers a small part of the top. Pits will stick out like a sore thumb. Glazing putty to the rescue! All those pink dots [...]

Two layers of glazing putty, sanded down

This control panel is /GROSS/. 0

I’ve never had to do this on a CP before, but I’m going to have to fill in the rust pits with Bondo. Most other CPs are completely covered with the CPO so you don’t see any blemishes. Galaxian CPO only covers a small part of the CP. At least it’s getting done! In addition [...]

Galaxian CP before work

More Progress. 0

Another day of work on the beastie. The electrolysis made the rust come off very easily, so I was able to strip down both marquee retainers, the coin door frame and whatever that metal piece is that sits in the back of the cab in no time flat. Primed and painted everything but the frame. [...]

Progress! 0

Rebuilt the K4600 today after my Mouser order showed up. Box was mangled, and I was pissed, but the contents were fine. It was thrashed – broken solder joints on the card connectors, dirty, rusty and of course original caps, I was surprised it actually worked. I haven’t fired it back up yet but will [...]

Why didn’t I save? 0

The labels for the fuses were brown after 30 years. So I scanned them in and cleaned up the images. Looked really good, and I printed them out. Unfortunately my printer missed a couple dots here and there and needed to be reprinted. For some odd reason, I closed the program instead of saving my [...]

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I’ve got a lot to do on this. 99.99% of it is cleaning. * strip down all metal parts of rust and refinish * clean the outside, esp the artwork * rebuild the CP * rewire harness for 4 way joystick * repair the wiring, it’s been badly hacked in several places. * repair the [...]

Finally, some pictures 0

Finally, some pictures. Start off with left, front, right and rear shots before I’ve done anything to this unit. A shot of the bezel and coin door/kickplate. A shot after I stripped all the wiring and the wooden mounting plate from the bottom and before I sanded/cleaned/vacuumed. I touched up the black paint on the [...]

After cleaning