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Started life as a Galaxian, was BADLY converted to Capcom Bowl.

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I had to get creative with the control panel. Getting a new panel was too expensive on my shoestring budget. Since a lot of the “meat” of the panel was missing anyway, I decided to turn this to my advantage. An old operator trick is to use plexi/Lexan to mount controls/buttons/whatnot to instead of mounting [...]

Capcom Bowl control panel - finished

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Actually painted this beastie today. First I primed: Then the paint: The color might look familiar to some. It’s Sapphire Sparkle, which is the *OFFICIAL* color for the new Donkey Kong 2. I bought a gallon of primer and paint a few months back, and though I haven’t actually started work on this, I have [...]

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The reject on the door has been frozen for…who knows how long. I’ve been trying to free it up since I brought it home. I tried 3-in-1, WD-40, propane, even beating it with a hammer. Didn’t do anything. Finally I doused it with 3-in-1 and set it down for a few weeks. Today I grabbed [...]

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The marquee fixture worked just fine with a bit of adjustment. Bulb is a bit dark at one end, but I’ll worry about that later. Stripped and repainted the coin door. Tidied up the wiring a bit. The JAMMA harness had it’s wires every which way. Whoever converted this cabinet basically just did a hack [...]

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This one is going to be to get more funds for other projects. I’m going to convert this to a 48-in-1 machine. So far I’ve stripped the monitor out, removed the wiring and vacuumed. The monitor is a G07 with Pac-Man burn. It blows the cabinet fuse. On investigation, it looks like F901 is blown, [...]