This one is going to be to get more funds for other projects. I’m going to convert this to a 48-in-1 machine.

So far I’ve stripped the monitor out, removed the wiring and vacuumed. The monitor is a G07 with Pac-Man burn. It blows the cabinet fuse. On investigation, it looks like F901 is blown, which means that likely the HOT is blown. Not surprising. Likely the flyback toasted and took the HOT with it. The monitor was *filthy*. I disassembled it, washed down the circuit board, and wiped the tube and frame down thoroughly. Not 100%, but I’d give it a solid 95% clean.

Yesterday I removed the coin door, disassembled it, stripped it down and repainted it. *Much* better. Whoever thought it was a good idea to paint the front of a cab without removing the coin door first needs a lesson on aesthetics. It still needs to be reassembled, but one of the mech actuators is completely frozen solid with rust. I’ll have to disassemble it further.

I bought the 48-in-1 board a few weeks back, right when I was thinking about doing this project. Capcom Bowl is a JAMMA pinout, so the harness is already in the cab. I’ll need to use some Molex connectors to neaten things up, everything was hardwired in.

Looks like the florescent fixture doesn’t work. Likely a blow bulb or starter. Ballast appears okay, but I won’t know more without the other parts.

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