The marquee fixture worked just fine with a bit of adjustment. Bulb is a bit dark at one end, but I’ll worry about that later.

Stripped and repainted the coin door.

Tidied up the wiring a bit. The JAMMA harness had it’s wires every which way. Whoever converted this cabinet basically just did a hack job. It’s much better now.

Stripped the vinyl off the front and 2/3 of the right side. I would have done it all, but my knuckles started bleeding everywhere from the repetitive motion. Didn’t hurt so much, but I was getting blood everywhere. Gross.

Replaced the leg levelers. I was trying to use all the original mounting plates, but one of them was completely frozen. I tried drilling it out, but that didn’t work. Today I picked up a tool that’s supposed to be able to grab onto bolts like that to help yank the old bolts out. Since I still have one leveler that I can’t move, I’m curious how it’ll do.

I’m a bit worried about the control panel. The trackball hole on the original panel took a lot of “meat” out of it. I’ve got to figure out a way to make it good and proper again. Wish I had a welder…

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