Rebuilt the K4600 today after my Mouser order showed up. Box was mangled, and I was pissed, but the contents were fine. It was thrashed – broken solder joints on the card connectors, dirty, rusty and of course original caps, I was surprised it actually worked. I haven’t fired it back up yet but will do that this weekend.

I also went to the hardware store and bought new screws. The originals were quite rusty. Two boxes (for the different sizes) cost me $14 and change, but I’m sure I’ll use the extras on the next project – probably Burger Time.

I need to start working on the coin door. I already started on the frame, but wanted to wait until I could properly photograph the rest of it. I’ve done a dozen Midway coin doors, but on this one I want to try and duplicate the color of the Galaxian as closely as possible. I’ve got an idea I think will work, I’ll post here if it does.

With my Mouser order I got the one thing that’s been holding me up: sockets. So I’ll start tackling the board issues again very soon.

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