It works!

I was using the Defender cab to test out my newly assembled Stargate boards (which didn’t end up working, I suspect a RAM fault). I’d made an adapter to use 4164 RAM in place of the stock 4116.

I’d bought a lot of 4164 RAM off a guy I found on a Google search. It’s the same 4164 I put in the Stargate board. I pried all the 4116 out and replaced it with the 4164.

It came up! But with a RAM error. I double checked to see if I screwed up inserting any, and sure enough I found one with a leg bent underneath. Replaced that with one of the spares I bought (lucky I got extras!) and it came up again, again with a RAM error. This time I was able to pinpoint which one with the onboard RAM test. Replaced that with another spare. This time it booted to garbage. Replaced it with yet ANOTHER spare, and it came up and passed all RAM tests! Yay, I have my Defender back!

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