The story so far.

The extent of the work that’s been done has been a tweak here and there.

The monitor wouldn’t sync when I first started working on it, so I swapped it with a K4600 from one of the other games. It was perfect…for about ten seconds. Then it went all scrambled.

I noted one of the RAM chips smoking. Thought to replace it later.

Capped the power supply. But do what I might, the 12V LED would only flicker. Turned out to be that RAM chip had shorted. Once I replaced that chip the LED was steady.

I picked up some Defender boards off eBay. They were cheap…and with good reason. It looked like they sat in a dirty humid…place for a long time. They didn’t work, but I think I can repair them.

And the final thing I wanted to mention…last night I fired it up…no picture at all. Thought that was weird – before I was at the very least getting garbage. Then I smelled something burning, so I killed the power.

I don’t know how or when, but I broke the neckboard in two. Definitely repairable, but it really pissed me off.

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