Huh? Pac-Man II? What about I?

It seems odd to be considering this the second Pac-Man cocktail when the first barely anything except research and a few pieces of wood that were cut.

But, I do still intend on building it, if only to see what I can do.

Anyway, back to this project…it happened by serendipity. A warehouse raid was taking place, right in my own back yard, right here in Vermont. A place that I had scouted years before, and never followed up on. And, interestingly enough, from the same place that I got all those other games so many years ago, though I wasn’t the one that did the initial pickup.

So far, I’ve completely disassembled it, cleaned the mass of mouse nesting material from it, stripped a lot of the rusted metal parts, primed, painted, scrubbed, scrubbed some more…

I pulled the wiring harness and cleaned it in the sink, and tried the board separate from the rest on another monitor. I hadn’t realized that plugged it in backward. When I reversed the plug, it promptly started blowing fuses. So, the board has an issue.

Bad news: the monitor has no chassis. Good news: the monitor is an Electrohome G07-CBO. I’ve got a lot of those. I think I’m going to attempt a tube swap, but I’m conflicted, if only because the existing tube has very little burn. But, the dag strap is completely broken, so I may do it anyway, if only to fix that.

Photos, forthcoming.

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