Revealing the artwork

I don’t know if any of you guys know, but Home Depot closed down 11 of their stores. One of them was in my town here.

So when they were clearancing stuff out I picked up a spray bottle of Goof Off 2 for latex paint. I figured for a couple bucks if it doesn’t work I’m just out a couple bucks.

Last night I headed out to the storage area to check on the games. It had been raining heavily and I wanted to make sure they weren’t sitting in a foot of water.

They were fine. But I figured while I was there I might try this stuff

I also had some regular paint remover. Thought I’d try that first. It took off the paint okay, but went down too far. Looks like I have some touch-up to do.

The Goof-Off said it would work quickly. I sprayed it on and left it. I went to wipe it away a few minutes later…and the paint was still intact. Nuts.

So I went back to organizing the cabs in the space. When I was done I could have fit another three cabs in there (which may yet happen, I need the space at home).

Went back to Stargate, and the paint was just sloughing off! I spent like an hour just rubbing the paint off. Managed to get most of the paint off the upper right side. Stargate logo is fully uncovered.

When it was converted back in 1984 or thereabouts they put some kind of blue paint over. It preserved the art underneath nicely. It still needs a lot of touchup – especially on black – but it looks really good.

If only I’d known about this when I started working on my Moon Patrol. It still has black sides. I need stencils.

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