Nail biting anxiety!

I’ve been biting my nails over applying the artwork on the control panel because…well, it’s an expensive learning experience if I screw it up.

I’ve taken way too long on preparing the control panel. Mostly because the old paint/CPO adhesive was such a pain to remove. But partially because I’ve been putting it off.

I didn’t want to misalign it, and I didn’t want it to slowly peel off because I didn’t stick it down properly.

Finally I figured I’d just have to “go for it” and put it on.

Sarah has some kind of rubber roller I used to help remove air bubbles from under the overlay. It helped some.

I had plans on using the heat gun to help the overlay bend over the curved edges, but Riley distracted me and I held it in one spot too long, and it promptly warped. Not terribly so, but I definitely notice it. Argh.

The Centipede control panel, just after applying the CPO.
The Centipede control panel, just after applying the CPO.

All in all I had to peel one corner or another about a dozen times to get the air bubbles out from underneath. There are still a couple, but I had to finally give in and say “this is about as good as it’s going to get.”

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