Stripping down

I really want to get this project done. It’s so close!

I bought a lot of six boards off eBay. Stated that Three were working right off, two were missing minor parts but presumed to be working, and one completely untested and missing the crystal.

On the untested one I replaced the crystal, it fired right up. The ones that were missing minor parts I was able to swap between other boards to verify they were working. One doesn’t work at all (one that was supposed to be working all the way). Haven’t had the opportunity to dig into that yet. But at least I have boards to pop in when the time goes. And I can sell the rest to help fund other projects.

The CPO I peeled off very easily, leaving behind 100% of the adhesive. Great. I just LOVE removing adhesive. I tried adhesive remover – no dice. It just made it a bit tacky. Stripper kind of worked, but it was very messy. Finally I tried electrolysis, and it removed 90% of adhesive and paint. That last 10% has been extremely stubborn.

I’m also using electrolysis on the coin bucket holder. It’s pretty rusted. I only wish I had a powder coating setup to evenly coat the inside of this, it’s going to be a pain to paint.

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