Since I’m quickly running out of nice (non-snow) days here, I decided to work on this beastie today.

Basically I pretty much stripped the beastie completely down to nothing. Busted out the sander and sanded the heck out of the bottom of the cab. At some point in it’s existence something liquid was in the bottom, and stained it. You can still see it, but it’s greatly reduced.

Took a blowtorch to the marquee retainer screws. It was just so rusted I couldn’t move it at all. It came out easily after that.

I’m on the fence right now if I’ll change the connectors over to a single edge connector or leave it as-is.

I’m still stuck not being able to remove 1/2 the bolts from the control panel. 1/2 came out easily, the other 1/2 are rusted just enough that I can’t remove them. Wouldn’t be a problem if I could stop the bolt from turning – but I can’t. I fear that I’ll have to break down and actually pay $10 for eight bolts from Mikes Arcade, unless someone has an idea how I can remove the old ones without cutting a groove with a Dremel.

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