Like I said on the opening page, I’m not sure what motherboard I’m going to use. My first intention was going to be to use an old 486 to power this, but after compiling xmame, I found that the little 486 that could, well, couldn’t. Perhaps it’s because of the processor I’m using (a Cyrix 486 DX/2 80) and if I used an AMD 486/133 it’s surely be much faster.

But, after careful consideration, I’ve decided to use my trusty P.O.S. PC Chips TX Pro. It’s not being used for anything, and will run cocktail games just fine, AFAIK.

PC Chips TX Pro

For sound we’ll be using a Creative Labs Soundblaster 16 PNP, which works quite well. There has been a driver for this in the Linux Kernel forever, so it’s quite unbuggy.

Soundblaster 16 PNP

The video card I’m thinking of using is a no-name S3-Virge, with 4 Megs of RAM on board. Nothing fancy, but the games I’m going to be running don’t need all that fancy stuff.

S3 Virge

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