Well, it has been a bit since I updated this particular page, hasn’t it?

The keyboard I mentioned below worked, but it wasn’t viable for this project. I was looking for a model that had a small encoder hooked to mylar sheets, like this:

What a hack. I had to find these tiny little drill bits (called, apparently, wire bits, due to their tiny size). I had attempted to solder the wires directly to the circuit traces, but it just wasn’t working. Every wire I would attach, I’d stray with the iron, and unsolder the wires.

I finally finished (sorry, no pics of the finished product, but here’s one of my workstation:

I finally finish, plug it in, and start to register keystrokes, when it just stops. I’m thinking, "Great! I just fried the encoder or the test motherboard!" Turns out it was more annoying than that. The wires that plug into the encoder from the computer had all (but one) broken off! So, I had to take time and strip, prep re-solder, and this time I’m tying the wires down, so they won’t break off as easily!

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