I don’t remember if I posted the coin door I refinished, but…

I only wish I’d gotten pictures of it before I refinished it. It wasn’t hard to do. I got a bunch of surplus doors from Art Mallet in Mechanicsville, NY. I had a door that came with the Jungle King cabinet that I was going to use, but painting it went FUBAR. The wrinkle paint was supposed to wrinkle evenly (it didn’t). Instead, it only wrinkled around the edges, indicating that I didn’t put a heavy enough coat of paint on. So it looks really funny.

Luckily, there were a few Williams style doors amongst the haul. I took the one in the best condition, took all the parts off it, scrubbed it really well, and applied a few really light coats of Rust-Oleum to brighten things a lot. I scrubbed all mechanical parts, and lubed moving parts. Presto! Nearly like new!

I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it with orange coin rejects. I’m fond of the red ones, but these look very nice. We’ll see.

One thing I might do on a lark is take one of the other doors and cut out holes for a third coin slot. The mechs are on the back of the door already, all I would have to do is cut. Be an interesting piece.

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